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Steve DeLong

From: Steve DeLong

Have for three years tried everything, got desperate and thought of using GSE a antibiotic from grapefruit seeds, took a glass of warm water mixed in about 25 drops of GSE and squirted gently into labs ear as his head was held sideway, massaged ear canal to flush out crap. IT WORKED!!! did it twice I swear and the shaking, tremors, seizures are over. It is like I have a new dog.
You can get GSE from any COOP

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So what is GSE, something for animals or a product anyone can use?


GSE is Grapefruit Seed Extract. The 2 oz. bottle (organically grown and filtered) I have is from the health food store. The instructions recommend it be mixed with water - ADULTS 5-15 or CHILDREN 1-3 drops GSE to a full glass of water. DON'T USE IT FULL STRENGTH is the major warning, as well as NEVER in your eyes.


Hmm. The dog had shaking, tremors and seizures and this guy thought to put drops in its ears? I am so glad to not be that poor dog.


It's likely that the guy tried all kinds of stuff recommended by the vet, which wasn't working, and that this was a long shot that WORKED better than 'conventional medicine'. Try raw feeding, too - kibble is plain POISON. rawfed dot com


If you are having seizures chances are it is NOT an ear infection.


I'm pretty sure that when he says his dog was shaking and seizing i'm going to go out on a limb and say that he wasn't saying his dog was 'literally' having a seizure. My dog is also very prone to ear infections and they shake their heads to try and relieve the itching in the inner ear.


Well, I'll have to say I was totally confused with the entire story. I didn't even realize he was speaking about a dog, and not himself. I was trying to compare the feelings of not having seizures anymore and getting a new dog. I came to the conclusion that either I'm a total idiot or this guy didn't tell his story too well.


First of all, 'this guy' actually gave his name... which most of those who post to this site don't seem to do so that tells me he believes and is willing to stand by his statement. Second, it wasn't too difficult to figure out he was talking about his dog by the time you finished reading his short post. Third, if you've never seen a dog with an ear infection, don't pass judgment on what you think is impossible behavior. When you've had a 145 pound Newfie staggering through your house like a drunken sailor, it's not hard to believe that his Lab was majorly affected by his ear infecion.

Steve, thanks for your post. This is the first time I've visited this website and I am actually looking for advice for my son but my dog is going to benefit from your advice as well.


Tracy Leonard

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