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I have a molar that has been killing me for a few days now. I have a huge fear of the dentist because about 5 years ago I went in to have a wisdom tooth pulled, and the dentist broke my jaw. He didn't even tell me. I got home and a few hours later after all the medicine wore off from the dentist, I was in the worst pain of my life. I was literally screaming, shaking, rocking, and climbing my couch, I actually overdosed on a mixture of Vicodin and Ibuprofen because I was so desperate to get the pain to go away. My hubby called up there to ask why I was in so much pain after a routine wisdom tooth extraction and the receptionist came back and said 'well, sir, with her having a broken jaw, it's gonna hurt'. Now, he didnt even prescribe the Vicodin, I had those in the medicine cabinet already. All he said when he was done was 'You will be in some mild pain once all the numbing meds wear off so I suggest stopping on the way home and getting some Ibuprofin or Motrin'. So, we both freaked out and my hubby demanded to talk to the dentist to see why he didnt tell me he broke my jaw, or wire it shut, or give me any kind of instruction on what to do, and of course he was too bust to talk and never called us back, Here is the best part..about 3-4 weeks later I got a bill from him for $900 dollars. I called up there and told them I was not gonna pay it and told them I was suing them. They told me to just forget about the bill. The left side of my face swelled up so bad, it looked like I had a softball in my cheek. It was all black and blue and I couldnt even open my mouth for about 10-12 days(ate milk shakes and mashed potatoes because thats only how far I could open my mouth) . I had to take all my sick days, personal days and a few vacation days from work too. get to my stumbled upon this site tonight looking for some home remedies and the one that worked for me was rinsing out my mouth with very warm salt water. This molar is even sensitive to cold right now. So, I put about a teaspoon of salt in a coffee mug and filled it about halfway with the warm water and swooshed it around the tooth for about a minute, then spit it out and kept repeating until it was gone. then grabbed an icepack and put it on the outside of my face. This was such an instant relief. I have been trying hardcore painkillers(my hubby takes morphine for a massive back injury and that didnt even touch the pain or knock me out). Sorry this is so long, lmao, but wanted you to know basically why I would sit here in pain instead of running to the dentist and that is why..and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain considering I gave childbirth all natural twice with absolutely no drugs what-so-ever. Good luck with your toothache, try the salt water.FYI: If it's swollen really bad, most likely it's infected and you will need an antibiotic so if you have some sitting around that you never finished or a friend has some, start taking them right away and within 24 hours, you will have a lot of relief as well. lmao, I should just write a book about this stuff. :) Have a good day, or at least try!

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Please sue him! Or, he'll do it to someone else.


OMG! I will try it, Im dying here if pain, and I seriously fear the dentist...


i havent been able to sleep its been over 24 hrs... :( y do i always seem to get a toothache on the weekends?... and dentst suck... wtf do u advertise emergency walk in but yet u say i have to make an apt... grrr




You liar. I tried warm water with salt and one touch of it I was in major pain!!!! The only way to keep it cool was to have cold water in my mouth bu once it's gets warm I have to throw it out and put more cold water in it which is so stressful and annoying. So thanks for the pain

Mike :)

It does pay to keep a supply of ampicillin on hand for serious bacterial infections like tooth decay and pain. I buy mine from Canada pharmacy and it is shipped to the door from India ~ no prescription and expensive Dr. bill. Oralgel is the best answer, but there are some homopathic means. I have a tooth scheduled for extraction, big hole. At the bottom of the big hole is where the little holes that once held a nerve are located. That is where you want to force the oralgel into. I cut off the fur end of a cue-tip, put oralgel on it, and force it into the hole. Some pain relievers go directly to the source of the pain, so try Iburproen. Oh, buy Sensodyne tooth paste & force the paste into the hole!

Being afraid of the dentist? Get your butt in there! It is a lot worse as time progresses. Further, if it infects this goes directly into the blood stream and can eat your heart valves killing you. At minimum it decays your jaw bone & then you have major surgery to contend with which might include cutting your face open. So just get in and do it. Dentist are a lot better than they use to be. I had 6 fillings in 1 hour & it was nothing after the pain stuff wore off. So get in, and be healthy!!! :) Oh, brush-floss at least twice a day.


OMG!That's horrible. I hope you feel better soon.


i wouldn't ever take someone else's prescriptions. not to mention your body can form serious resistance to antibiotics if you don't finish them. This kind of advice is why I never usually trust sites like this..

not to mention nothing here has worked for my tooth whatsoever

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