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I was diagnosed with GH in January. I am 18 years old and I never would have thought I would be that 1 person out of 5. When I'm having an outbreak I hate everything, I become depressed and emotional. This has lowered my self esteem more than anyone could imagine. I'm trying so hard to stay positive about it all, but it's so much harder when you have to keep it a secret. It's embarrassing. I've had about 4 OBs since I was diagnosed, but none have been as bad as my first. No where near as painful as the first, but still so annoying and irritating. I didn't get this disease because I'm a slut, or a whore. I got it because my boyfriend performed oral sex on me while having a cold sore. Now that I have GH I don't fin any of the 'herpes jokes' funny, and I don't understand why people are so judgmental about the disease. I feel so alone in this situation. Anyway, the only thing that has helped me was to take a warm bath with lots of Epsom salt (soak in the salt water and rub some of the salt directly on the sores while in the bath), then put some peroxide in a spray bottle and spray the area, blow dry the peroxide into the sores making sure they are completely dry, and lastly, apply gold bond medicated body powder to the area for it to absorb all moisture and keep the area dry. I really hopes this helps someone else as it does me. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.

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Hi, I think I have pretty much the same situation as you! I am almost positive I have herpes. I had my first outbreak about a year ago and I think it was from my now current boyfriend who had a cold sore, (he said it was imantigo but I am not so sure because I had my first outbreak a week later) I have had one ob last october but I feel like I am having another one soon. I am also 18 and feel like i'm a bad person because of this. I am even too afraid to tell me bf because he will assume I cheated on him which I never have. Only a few friends know but it is still so embarassing. But don't feel alone because I feel the same way!


You are not alone! I am a 45 yo married woman whose husband gave me GH eleven years ago during oral sex. My first OB was so painful to the point that I couldn't pee for 2 days!!!! Had to go to the emergency room in our very small town - very embarrassing! I had another OB about a year after the first one and none since this week! Came to this site to see what others are doing for treatment. I am definitely going to try some of these remedies. Thank you for sharing!!


I totally felt the same way as you. I was diagnosed when I was 18 and I'm now 21 my first outbreak was horrible I couldn't even walk and I was too embarrassed to get help because of what my mom and the doctor would think of me. I'm far from a slut but it's true when they say it only takes one time for it to happen. Since then my self-esteem has been at an all time low especially when another outbreak occurs. I get uti's more than outbreaks but it's all the same annoying pain to me and Im so happy that you guys have this site to help.


Hi, I'm twenty four and have had GH for a year now. My ex didn't tell me he had it and had unprotected sex with me and now I have outbreaks almost monthly. It does really suck, it's hard to remember that we aren't dirty or sluts. I'm interested in someone and had the talk with him and it broke my heart to have to just be friends with someone I really like because he's afraid of my disease. I understand his feelings but it still hurts. But it is getting easier to tell people, so keep your chin up. No worries because that just makes it worse. I'm hoping these remedies help!! It's so hard to accept compliments about my appearance because I just wonder what they'd think if they knew about my herpes.


I am 31 and i was diagnosed with hsv-2 last september..Its not the end of the world..I thought it was at first but as you open up to your friends and family it isnt so bad..I found that a couple of my close friends are also struggling with it,Its like a big support group.Surround yourself with people that love you and will be there for you through it all..And if your worried about dating and sex..Just be honest with the person your with cause you will find if they love you they will love you no matter what and work around it.Keep your head up


Hi, I have the virus for about 20 years. I would say that outbreaks happen... mild, small and the big painful ones. I know when I am going to have one before I have one. Try to keep stress at bay. For example if tears roll down my cheeks for any reason 3 days later I will be having an outbreak. About keeping a secret..oh well I say tell the entire planet. That is right you will eventually change the way people look at it. In my old job of 6 years everyone knew I am a hair stylist so some of my clients know. In my new job I already toldseveral people. So they realise its as normal as anything to have herpes. Herpes don't kill you unless you let it. It will kill your selfsteem and make you depressed. I know people that just can't have a normal life cause they got it. I had 3 relationships long term. 4, 6 and 5 years none of the guys had it and it was fine. Now my boyfriend that I met by accident and found out he had it make life much easier. We tell each other about our outbreaks and curse and laugh at them. If you ever want a partner try to find someone that have it its so much easier. Now we can have sex even with outbreaks in full swing. Life is good. Spread the word n ot the virus...Good luck. Gigi


That's exactly how I got it, he was my first and my only. I had no idea I could get this that way. Society had made the word herpes seem so horrible that when I found out I felt like the sluttiest person ever to walk the earth. However, from reading things much like this I've been given hope that I'm not as horrible as I think.. It's just a part of life, at least it isn't something worse. It sucks, but we just have to keep our heads up. Because each of us are still beautiful, and this disease doesn't make us trash . We were just the unlucky 1 out of 5. But we can get through this.

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