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First of all, let me just say that you can never know what causes a kidney stone unless it is analyzed by the proper doctors. I am 37yrs old and I have had 2 lithotrypsies and both stones were way different from each other. I developed the first one when I was pregnant, found out after I had my son, that it was constructed of sodium (salt). My second one came 10-11 years later and was made up of calcium oxilate (not even close to dairy). The second one ended up giving me a list of at least 50 foods and drinks I had to avoid. And the list was strange because the whole list didnt fit together. EX.... chocolate, okra, ground black pepper, seeded berries, green beans....SEE WHAT I MEAN. The best thing you can do for any kidney stones is cranberry juice, cranberry pills, and ABSOLUTELY making sure your diets are all in moderation. Remember folks....this is a true statement..once a kidney stone carrier...ALWAYS a kidney stone carrier. I pass 3-5 stones every month. Told you my list was big.

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How do you deal with the excruciating pain the stones cause when they travel thru the tiny tubes??


I have to say if you are still passing 2-5 stones a month then maybe something you are doing isn't right. Not trying to bag on you or anything. I started getting stones when I was 20 then I would get a really serious one every four years after that. One lipotripsy and one surgery. After the surgery I did a lot of studying and discovered that if I cut back my sodium intake (less then 2000mg a day) and drink lemonade instead of soda or tea, I was able to keep the stones away. I was also warned by different doctors that cranberry juice takes the acidity out of your urine that you need to desolve the stones. I am now having the first stone that i have had in over 12 years and unlike the last few stone I will be able to pass it without serious help. And so far it has not been as painful as the last ones. Just some friendly advice from one stone sufferer to another. I hope this will help


Yes. Cranberry Juice can actually cause Kidney Stones. It is good to in moderation to help avoid Urinary Tract Infections, but if you are prone to Uric Acid Stones, it is not good.

If you have Calcium Oxalate Stones, they are caused by Oxalates in food and actually eating or drinking something with Calcium it in at the same time helps to bind with the Oxalate and flush it out of your system.

My husband has passed 'HUNDREDS' of both the Calcium Oxalate and Uric Acid (Gout) type stones in the last 12 yrs. 5 had to be 'Blown Up' with Lithotripsy or Lazer. The diets for each of these is totally different so there is hardly anything he can eat without potentially affecting one type or the other.

To help with the pain, take a hot shower and let the pelting water hit the painful area or use a heating pad.
The pain is caused by a back up of fluid (inefction) behind the stone and the muscles spasming to move it along. The heat helps relax the muscles of the urethra that are spasming.

Take Marshmallow Root herb, it increases your mucus production which makes the urethra more slick to help pass the stone and helps to heal the scratches and tears the stone may have caused.

Moving around to try to move the stone into a nook or cranny where the fluid can pass (or totally out) is also helpful.

Taking 'All Natural' Apple Cider Vinegar can also help. Make sure it is a brand like Bragg, that has the 'Mother' aka Pulp. If it is totally clear, don't get it. The pulp is the healtist part. I personally take a teaspoon of it and chase it down with Apple Juice. You can add it to anything, such as salad dressing, where you won't even notice it.

It is also great for Indigestion & Acid Reflux. Research for yourself.


Yes, cranberry makes stones worse - it is good for UTI though. And all those random foods are high in oxalates...

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