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1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!

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What kind if mustard or does not matter? :-)

Amber/ from silsbee,tx

I been in pain allday due so heartburn. I look on the internet for home remedies cause I hv no money to go buy antiacids. I see a tsp of mustard helps,who would have thought. It's been 15mins an I've passed gas an it has eased my pain. Thanks!!!!


I am at the start of my second trimester of pregnancy and woke up at 3am with my very first dose heartburn. I now understand what all the complain is about my god did it hurt! Tried quick-eze (3 of them) as that was all we had... Nothing. Started scanning the Internet for remedies and found this site, 2 tsp of honey have some relief, waited 5 minutes then tried the mustard and almost instant relief!!! (Had mild American Mustard) My husband thinks I'm crazy until I showed him all these other posts of people who had the same! THANK YOU to whomever thought to try this!!!


I am 8 months pregnant and this cured my heartburn in seconds. Thank you very much!


It really works

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