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1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!

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took the mustard a few minutes ago because that's all i have in the house. made me burp a little but still in a lot of pain.


Works Awesome! I definitely thought it was a joke when I first saw it but I tried it and after the initial burning sensation that mustard always gives you my heartburn started to go away. Its only been a couple minutes and I feel much better!!!


I ate some Chinese food for lunch and felt so gross after, I thought I better go for a bike ride. Oh boy... bad decision to exercise an hour after eating and haven't had awful heartburn like this for quite some time. Nothing has worked so far, and it has been 6 hours. Tried yellow mustard and it has been about 5 minutes. Not totally gone, but significantly better. I'm thinking I may try one more teaspoon in another 5 to 10 minutes and see if it totally goes away. Thank you for the tip!

Adam Smok

I suffer from Chronic long term heartburn, doesn't seem anything helps so I'm always trying new things. I've taken all the over counters and some relief comes here and there but the cost is crazy high to continue to buy all of them. I tried this mustard thing taking one tablespoon and waiting awhile. It reduced the pain about 50%, I'll try one more tablespoon for I am German and love my mustard, but I fully believe if you don't suffer from the chronic my insides are going to melt heartburn like I do this would fully take care of it..


I thought mustard would make it worse and as soon as I swallowed it was, but less than a minute later and heartburn is gone


Try Alcohol,it sure works for me! coz u'll be too high to feel the damn heartburn


I have suffered from intense heartburn for several years and have tried EVERYTHING! Nothing has worked until today, tried the TSP of mustard about 2 minutes ago and it truly works! Thank you for the idea of mustard, who would have ever thought?!?!


Would just like I say thank you thank you thank you!! I hate heart burn and I always end up on the floor crying in the fetal position. I have had all the tests and its all normal but the medicine just doesn't seem to work. It just comes on and it makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. I have tried the mustard so far so good!!


Thank you, It really works!!


I have to take prilosec everyday for heartburn I can't afford to buy more at this time so I just tried the mustard not even a minute ago nothing yet so we will see.

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