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1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!

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well just had some mustared fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!


Its 126a here in Maryland and after a late dinner of a pasta bake my heartburn was severe! I ran out of my Heartburn Relief pills, sorta like Prevecid...looked online for a home remedy...found this, seemed easy so I gave it and shot and it actually works!! I am 3 min in right now and feel like I could lay down...Im going to give it a few more minutes to continue to kick in but I am truly impressed. Its not completely gone yet but considerably better! THANK YOU!


I'm pregnant and was desperate for a remedy. 1 tsp of fancy dijon mustard (all I had) worked in seconds! I think I'll go buy more mustard to keep on hand just for this reason!


yup it totally worked!!


Totally worked for my husband just now, not even a second later!!! it was instant relief home remedies rock !!!!! :)


I tried this because it was the easiest remedy I saw and had nothing in the house. Five minutes later I feel much better! Not 100% total relief but almost :)


works! burbs of mustard...yummy


1:30 am and I've been up with heartburn for about an hour. Drank milk which usually helps and nothing. Tried the honey and helped just a little. Just had the mustard and it is significantly better. Thank goodness for this site and everyone's comments!


I usually use mustard for gas, but never for heartburn. It really does work. It coats the throat and makes the burning subside significantly. Trust me, try have NOTHING to lose!


Wow! This is working...I woke up with a bad heartburn at 4am with no antacids. I. Tried activated charcoal and it did nothing. 5 minutes after taking a full tsp of mustard I can lie down without pain.

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