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1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!

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This does not work...tried it and an hour later, still have heartburn! Don't eat mustard. Its gross and it don't work!


Im Not the Type of person that gets heartburn much, but seems like every 6 months heartburn comes and stays bout a wk, VERY PAINFUL!! I tried the mustard (had nothing to loose), and NO Joking, IT WORKED!! INSTANT RELIEF!! Im so floored right Now!! Thank you for posting the remedy as Im pain/heartburn free!! Still tripping out how instant the relief Im feeling!! Thanks again so much and others Deffentity should try it for instant RELIEF!!


WOW! Took a spoonful and I can't believe it worked. I can't wait to share this with the rest of the family, since they all suffer from it also. Thanks for the suggestion. It was a life saver.

Tacoma Stacy

Totally just tried this and it worked great!!! Picked this one cuz it was the easiest one I saw and I was desperate. So glad I tried it!!


Wow I suffer almost every night.... And can't sleep. Takes about 1 min.... Instant... T


I'm so thankful for this remedy. My heartburn was SEVERE and was helped within minutes. THANK YOU!!!

Ms. Walker

Well low and behold. I was suffering from heartburn its 2am and i had no medication for it...i goes online see this and try really eased up my heartburn alot. Im 2so months pregnant and for now on this is what i will do. Hope my child dont come out with a mustard color birth


My husband did this in desperation as I read these posts, it worked within minutes, thank you! My night would have been miserable!


I have to say I'm really impressed,I have Heartburn everyday and I go through a large bottle of Antacid every two week,but ran out tonight and searched the web for Home remedies and here I am to say Praise God for your Home remedy,I can still after 5 minutes feel some discomfort but nothing compared to 5minutes previously.


I have been suffering all day with horrible heartburn...Antacids aren't doing anything...searching the internet for any remedies that can could bring some relief...seen the tip about the mustard and said what to heck...can't hurt...I'm in so much has been about a minute since taking it and the pain is gradually easing down and the feeling of belching is beginning to replace the pain...impressed!

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