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1 teaspoon of mustard, relief in seconds. It truly works!

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Just tryed this, worked within minutes. As of now, no heartburn


Just tried it a minute ago and heartburn is gone!!


Just did.. Relieved it REALLY WORKED!!!! Heart burn GONE!!! :)


I just tried this and waited about 5 minutes and it has helped a lot, I have no idea why, but I am happy to get some relief. Thanks!


I am 6 mths pregnant and for the past week have been suffering from terrible heartburn. Just tried the mustard and OMG it was terrible but after the gaging reflex was over it really helped no heartburn....


I thought this was the craziest thing i ever heard of. How could mustard work.So i decided what the heck 2:30 am no heartburn medicine in alot of pain from the burning. Anyway to my surprise 1 minute later heartburn is gone.

Mark Rosewell

Wow! Would ave thought ths would have made thins worse. To my amazement blessed relief. It is 2:15 and now I can sleep!


I suffer heartburn when I lay down too soon after a greasy or spicy meal (pizza or mexican for sure!) I tried this and initally though I was gonna blow. I thought to myself it works because you throw up everything in your stomach! But after a few seconds that passed and the heartburn didn't seem so bad!


2 a.m. And my husband tried every antacid in the house with no luck. Tried the mustard (at first I did think he was gonna puke), but he persevered and within 2 minutes, finally got relief. It worked!


Swallowed down the mustard in a spoonfull without attempting to taste it, and 1 minute into the experiment, heartburn pain resided. 8 minutes after taking, gas released. Pain reduced by 80-90%.
Used common, yellow mustard. 1 tspn.

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