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Ok I have tried almost everything on here last night and this morning. I have to say I have been miserable and the itching was preventing me from going to bed. Till the magic cure was found on here! Tooth paste! Colgate toothpaste not the gel the thick white stuff. I just put it on and it was almost instant relief. Just glob it on and let it dry. I didn't bother to was it off or anything. I put it on at 3:30am it's now 11pm I am getting ready for bed and I have not had an itch all day! Looks like the bumps are drying up too go figure! All this money spent on creams and sprays bananas and oatmeal and all I had to do was put my toothpaste on my legs. try this before you invest in anything. Good luck and feel better soon.

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The tooth paste worked wonders, thank you finally some peace.


Apparently toothpaste works wonders on burns as well. I was baking cinnamon buns and was removing them from the oven, but the oven door sprang closed. My mother-in-law put toothpaste on my burn right away - burning stopped instantly and healed very fast.

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