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I was diagnosed with GH in 2008 and had tried EVERYTHING to get both relief and peace of mind. What I found to be most effective is drinking peppermint tea every morning. A friend of mine drinks it just because she likes the taste of it, and when she offered me some I found that I had less and less outbreaks. I know it sounds too simple to be true, but try it and you will see for yourself. It's a can get any brand of pure herbal peppermint tea and drink up. I like to drink mine with honey in it to give it a sweeter taste and plus honey is a naturally healthy agent that is good for almost everything. Whenever I stop drinking the tea for a very long time, I get an outbreak and I use Ketoconazole's prescribed, and is supposed to be used for the treatment of ringworm, but it works for the sores and will clear them up in about a day or day and a half! Then I immediaty start back on my tea, but usually double up, so I will drink a cup int the morning and a cup at night! As for the peace of mind.....well, I'm still searching for that. This is GUARANTEED to work for you...TRUST ME!

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Peppermint is an antiviral so that makes sense. U can get it in an essential oil and apply directly also during outbreak. Its also a pain relief.

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