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I had a horrible case of plantar warts on both feet in college. I thought they were blisters, so I ignored them for many months because I had never had a wart and didn't know that's what it was. Once I searched online and discovered I had plantar warts, I started looking into treatments.

First, I went to the podiatrist. He said I had too many warts (probably 15 on the right foot and 8 on the left) to do the laser treatment or freezing. It would be very expensive. He recommended buying salicylic acid pads. He said to cut them in the shape of the warts and leave them on all day, as it would kill the wart. I tried this, but it did not really work well.

I read a few sites online about apple cider vinegar, and I was very skeptical. My warts were very deep and I'd had them for so long, I was worried nothing would work. It took about a month, but they finally went away. This is what I did:

Twice daily, I would scrape the warts with a nail file or even with a box cutter to cut off any dead skin so the vinegar could really soak in. Next, I would soak a cotton ball in cider vinegar and tape it to my foot over the warts. This was very tricky and uncomfortable bc of the number of warts I had. But I continued doing this time consuming treatment and eventually they started to turn darker and darker, and then they started to fall off my skin.

I hope this can help you! I hope to never have this horrible problem again!!

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your no help.! i asked my great-grandmother because my grandmother had one huge plantar wart on her foot and they had to go to a doctor and get it scraped off by a doctor. the duck-tape trick or any other 'trick' doesnt work on plantar warts. okay, well bye.


Your so rude Bigfoot!


I have been doing pads the doctor recommended for about 8 weeks and it is better but still there.
After reading all of these I tried apple cider vinegar. I'm scraping and changing the dressing twice a day. Just started 3 days ago. It looks like something is happening. I can definately see the 'seeds'morre now and it looks like it's turning blackish. Is it supposed to hurt though? Maybe it is the acid in the vinegar stinging it but I am noticing a lot of pain with this method.

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