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This sounds gross but after working in a restaurant for 12 years and using this cure I know it works. First pour half a glass full of coffee then top it off with coca-cola. Make sure its not too hot then drink the whole thing or as much as you can all at once. Try holding your breath or pinching your nose this will help with the taste.

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This is an insane suggestion....

You realize that the only reason this works is because you give yourself a caffeine rush. Once the caffeine has worn off, you'll have a headache twice as bad!


This is great for someone is having headaches due to caffeine withdraw.


the cola will only worsen your headache


I have to agree with the other comments on this. If you have a headache andyou do this and it works its because you're suffering from caffeine withdrawals and that's why it works for you.


i most say that i agree caffeine does help with headaches. when i was in the hospital because i suffer from intercranial pressure which causes really bad headaches worst than migraine. its horrible but my point is that in the hospital they gave me caffeine medication because they noticed that in some patients it does helps them. even at home i have to take a pill that has caffeine in it.


This is actually a really good remedy. Cola and coffee have both caffeine that help you with headaches. For the people who say caffeine is va when you have a headache...caffeine is the best medicine besides painkillers that you could take. Why do you think there are caffeine pills to vanish headaches ?

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