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Hi, just stumbled across this board and had to post this info. It breaks my heart that anyone, but particularly little children, are having to deal with this. I've had eczema for about 45 years. I had it very, very, badly as a teenager. I get slits in my fingers, like paper cuts, and also between my fingers. My hands get covered in the itchy, red rash, and my skin becomes brittle so that if I pushed on a finger, there would be a dent that would take a moment to fill back out.

I came across a book by a doctor William Crook who says our eczema issues are due to too much yeast in our bodies. There are different kinds of yeast, and some are beneficial, but candida yeast is quite harmful to our well being and we inadvertently 'feed' the yeast by eating certain foods. If you cut those out of your diet, your eczema should go away. I found it to be true! I also learned that foods I had been eating in abundance and had never thought twice about, were sparking my outbreaks. (For me cheese and mushrooms cause breakouts.)

So if you can check it out, the book is called, The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook. It was written in the 80's but I think there have been updates. WELL worth checking out. It was such a relief to be free of the pain and itching and embarrassment and inconvenience caused by eczema, especially when I learned I actually had the power to do something about it.

Good luck to all of you and God Bless.

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I too had eczema, 25 yrs. ago real bad.. went to health food store, after the doc's couldn't do anthing for me, and she mentioned yeast.. i said i never heard of it.. i went away with a bottle of Candida Forte.. (natures way brand) i experineced 'die off' after i took first dose.. so much yeast was killed in my system, it made me sick.. didn't take the pills again for about a week.. then took one every other day or so. turns out tht was my eczema problem.. I also read the book The Yeast connection. its amazing how so many diseases r connected to the imbalance of our intestinal track.. Good Luck!!

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