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one of the best remedy for burns is as follows place ice pack or frozen peas etc from the freezer to accelerate cooling to the affected area then remove and dry the area with something soft to remove the water by press and release >> apply the white of an egg to the burn area and wait for it dry .. the reason for the burn sensation is because the air hitting the surface when the egg white drys it forms a membrane and seals the area ' air tight ' also this will improve healing as the egg has the protine to assist healing process ,,good luck this will work .

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Heather, LPN

this is beyond wrong. applying ice to a burn will cause more damage to nerves. run under cool, NOT COLD, water. And NEVER apply ice


The problem with anything frozen is that it also does tissue damage. The reason why you don't apply ice to a burn is because it will cool the burn quickly but then continue to do more damage to the tissue surrounding and underneath the burn. The best way to cool it, though it's slower, is to place in lukewarm/skin temperature water so as to minimize damaged tissue.


eggs = very bad idea. I've got quite a big scare on my chest just because my mother listened to this advise and applied eggs to my burn. I was a kid, I had to stay in hospital, now I'm 40 and this nice scar. I don't blame my mother but stupid people who repeat stupid things without concern about other people

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