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I was taking MSM pills for about two months and I started seeing that my period was later and later, so that's just a heads up, to lighten it tho, I started taking cayenne pepper pills. They really helped turn a heavy period into a light manageable thing. I'm now ready for it each month instead of dreading the day I'll get it.

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How many cayenne pepper pills per day did you take? Did you only take the pills during the cycle, before and during? Sorry to ask many questions. This is a big problem for me.


Where can I get those pills at? And do u have to take it everyday


Please respond. What dosage of cayenne and do you take it everyday?


I tried the Cayenne capsules, a cheap bottle at walmart. (like 3 bucks) I could only take one pill at a time because they do burn your belly a few minutes after taking them. On my heaviest day, I took about 1 capsule per hour for 3 or 4 hours (so 3 to 4 capsules) this REALLY did help. It did not lighten period to almost nothing, but it did make it more manageable. I only take them on my 1 to 2 heaviest days. Does nothing for cramps or other symptoms just FYI

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