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17 and have had Acid Reflux for about a year.. Sometimes it is lack of acid inside the stomach instead of too much. Eating an apple after a meal helps the food move along. Also a glasse of apple juice with a spoon of apple cider vinagar in the morning, sipping, helps keeps acid levels up the whole day. It may sound weird but juice with a tablespoon of extra vigin olive oil in it helps to heal the esophogas. All of these have worked for when my acid levels were down.

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My hubby has a.r. so bad we've elevated the head of bed, adjusted diet, tried meds, and still throwing up in his sleep. Awake 7 out of 8 hrs at night, and just sick. Ty for this suggestions. Trying it. Tonight.


Just tried the honey and Apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm worked! And it didn't taste too bad either. :P


have had acid reflux for 4 months am trying home remedies....i read warm water,and lemon with honey helps i was concerned of the lemon but found it really helps relieve the pain...have been taking prilosec helped at first but now there has been no change....i want to find something that heals it

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