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Recently on a trip, I noticed my psoriasis reduced dramatically. When I got back home I showed my wife and asked what she thought the cause was.....within a day however, it was back in full force.

I began to back track and see what was different and low and behold I found it. At our house, we have big jugs of juice in our fridge that we all drink from. I drink on an average 5-10 glasses per day.

I realized that was the only thing missing from my trip. I stopped drinking the juice.....and within one week, the redness, flaking, cracking, and hurting in my fingers is 95% better. Almost completely gone in fact for the first time in several years.

I then began to research the juice and psoriasis relationship. It was the ASPARTAME!!!!!!!!! I have eliminated it completely and I am all (dare I say) but psoriasis free..... My fingers show little signs of anything. In fact, at a normal glance, you can't see a drop of psoriasis.

This may be an all too overlooked contributor to the horrible red appearance, painful cracking, and flare ups.

While trying ointments, medicine, ultraviolet therapy, and spending $$ with no success, I found the answer literally under my nose in the cup I was drinking from. I hope this works for you!!! DOWN WITH ASPARTAME!!!

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when the FDA approved aspartame it listed 92 side effects. this is one of many poisons that we must eliminate from our diet. good luck


I, too, went for the blue sugar packets for years. When I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis & fibromyalgia, I was placed on all kinds of pain meds and even Remicade treatments. When my pain regimen started to consists of Morphine drips, I grew angry. I weaned myself from the hard pain meds and after 3 months the pain came back. I read about aspartame & thought to stop. I notice a big load off my ailments after about month. I still suffer every now and then but no where near as bad as I was before. EQUAL equals poison. I have no idea why the FDA will not pull it or place strong warnings on it as they do the pink packet.


or was it sugar that was the cause

Laura Love

omg... I devolved 'P' recently... but in retrospect, I think it appeared about the same time I started exclusively using Splenda. I wonder if it has a connection.... you have given me food for thought, and I am going to try some experiments to see if it is indeed the artificial sweetener. thank you for sharing your experience !

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