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Wash you, your glasses, your watch etc in Dawn blue dishwashing liquid (use a clean washcloth loaded with Dawn and be aggressive but not crazy about it) then PAT DON'T RUB dry and apply rubbing alcohol to AFFECTED (NOT INFECTED area. Its just an area that has been affected by the plant oils if it gets filled with pus THEN its INFECTED. I HAD to correct the incorrect usage since so many made the mistake) Then apply caledryl gel, take a Benadryl, put on all clean clothes from the skin up. Repeat daily until gone. Want to clear it up over night? Pee on it. I went the long way this time because it's on my eyelid and too near my mouth to risk the pee remedy... For grossness reasons only. You're safe to use your own urine anywhere. It contains sterile uric acid which clears it right up. A drop or two of pee in the ear canal works wonders for earaches too.

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there is nothing sterile about urine


If it is your own urine, you already have the antigens to fight the bacteria.

How silly of you to make a statement that is so illogical. If your own urine would hurt you, you would not be alive.


Urine is extremely sterile fresh out of the body. It only causes disease after its sat around for a while.


I've never used a urine cure myself, but I've heard of it! There's a book about it entitled, 'Your Own Perfect Medicine,' by Martha Christy. When you see 'urea' listed as an ingredient in skin care products, that's urine!

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