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I found this as a remedy for ring worm but it works with athletes foot as well.

I found this online for ring worm and thought it wouldn't work but what do i have to lose?

I have a mild case of athletes foot and have had out breaks for years. I am a bit lazy and impatient so I like fast results.

Last night I got my anti-fungul cream and put a bit on my hand, I then used the head of a match and rub it in it before apply it to my foot. It left a pink coating behind where I spread it, I then dabbed a small amount of tea trea oil on my foot.

Got up this morning and the edges and minor legions are completely gone and the main area has been reduced, I've applied it again today and will do it again tonight. I'll keep you posted.

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sorry, but did you know that ring worm and athlete's foot is in the same family of fungus. So that is why it worked. Just sayin'.

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