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Darlene D.

I have a virus in my body that many others also have. It's called the 'WART'. I have gotteo them as a child from one place or another on my body.
My mother would tell me to take a
Q-Tip or cotton and put bleach on the wart. (IT DOES NOT BURN}.
If you do this once or twice a day for approx. a week to a week and a half.
I can all but promise you your wart will be gone. It sure did wonders for mine. You can't even hardly see any scars. TRY IT !!! what do u have to loose?

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I had every type of treatment over a period of several years to remove warts on my fingers and the bottom of my feet, all of which were very painful, costly and time consuming. I heard about the bleach solution and starting soaking in bleach water 1 x day. Within days my warts were gone. I recommend this treatment before considering any other alternatives.


Peace , Love , And ACID, will cure all warts


This is the first post I have ever made on the www. I am ashamed to know that there is a mere 6 degrees of separation between myself and people that hurt those who only seek help! This is 2015 and with comments coming from 2005-2008 it is time to realize, 'WHAT YOU SAY, STAYS!' Tech can be good or nasty...depends on who uses it and explains why (to date) that I haven't. I will try bleach and update. I suggest others try bleach for their pallet. Thanks to all...regardless of your 'Tude.


If I put bleach on the wart will it burn??


This is the internet, some ppl will fail to spell correctly and some will point it out in a rude manner. But with freedom of ideas, who cares, asholes will be asholes and the world still turns, don't all get so offended, it's just sad.

I've got rid off a massive plantar wart on my foot with vinegar, cotton wool and bandaids but have been soaking my feet in dilute bleach solution once per day to soften the skin to help cut away the dead wart, I'm of the opinion that you have to physically remove the dead wart material otherwise it will grow back, but I've just got back to fresh new skin so will let the skin regrow and see if it worked!. I have plenty of smaller warts on my big toes, some barely visible and will see if this dilute bleach soaking will take them out in a month as I can't vinegar my whole toe, that would be too difficult.


Thank you for confirming a hunch i had! I have used bleach on poison ivy with great success and was wondering if it would work on a wart on my finger. Look forward to trying this, thanks again!!!


I will try bleach thanks we use bleach for everything in my family, insect bits like spiders, and bees, I used it to get red of mersa in my daughter, and well see about the warts.


props to Victoria on the stern lesson on manners

Thu, 23 Mar 2006 02:23:55 GMT

Ronnie D

This home remedy is true I say this because I live on a pacifier and yes it is a cup of wine but it's quite humid in the summer so this past summer I took my kids to the Town swimming pool practically almost every day for a month and apparently one of my daughters with the youngest had several warts on her skin and after that month went bysomehow I noticed that my youngest daughter warts disappeared

I did my research and found out that does work so by all means anybody who has work jump in the pool for a month I watch your warts go away


What I did was I started to put bleach in the washer when washing my socks and whites, enough that when I'd take my shoes off you could smell bleach in my shoe. Before that I would always wash whites and darks together. Didn't even do it purposely to remove warts, I just tended to put too much bleach in when doing laundry. Anyways, I happened to check out my plantars warts one day and they were gone!

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