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Darlene D.

I have a virus in my body that many others also have. It's called the 'WART'. I have gotteo them as a child from one place or another on my body.
My mother would tell me to take a
Q-Tip or cotton and put bleach on the wart. (IT DOES NOT BURN}.
If you do this once or twice a day for approx. a week to a week and a half.
I can all but promise you your wart will be gone. It sure did wonders for mine. You can't even hardly see any scars. TRY IT !!! what do u have to loose?

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UR Mean

We are talking about trying to get rid of warts. I really don't think too many people are worried about how you spell 'lose' !!!


yeah so worry about warts not your spelling

Anonymous (Canadian)

I have tried this remedy and the bleach has worked so far. I found a huge wart growing right under my fat toe and put bleach on it for a week and half of it is gone. I let it rest from bleach for a week, but now I'm putting it again, to make th other half diappear, so far so good. I noticed that the rest little things that pinch, are falling off, it is working.


Dear bitter and unpleasant individual who wrote the first comment,

To judge others for their mistakes and faults serves only to project and to emphasize one's flawed and fragile ego. Like the others expressed, we do not need or want your rude comments. They are not helping an already difficult situation. You should be ashamed of yourself and should apologize immediately to this very nice person who took the time to give some advice. And just for future reference we are all human and we all make mistakes, including you. I hope you read this and make an adjustment to your attitude for your own benefit. Best wishes for you.


the first comment was just plain bullshit. you try to help someone and thats what ya get. comments from some ass who thinks his shit dont stink. if you know all smart ass what are you doing in here looking for help. what a dick! thanks for the help i will try this. TFP8669


Some people obviously think that spelling is more important than grammar. Did you ever consider that perhaps the spelling error in reference might be a typo or play on words? Intelligent people consider all possibilities. Thanks to those who are sincere in their efforts to help others.


I'm scared to try this...isn't bleach very harmful? Do I have to dilute it at all?


I have a few plantar warts on my heel that laser surgery, salycylic acid and freezing could not remove. I decided to give the bleach option a try after I read it here. Maybe this treatment works on regular warts but I did it twice per day for 1 month and it did nothing. It seemed to slow the growth of the wart and make it softer so it was not so painful to walk, but it definitely did not do anything to cure it. Hope this helps.


I have a 5 year old little boy, who has a wart on hie finger.I was wondering what I can do to remove it safly and pain free. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Thank-You(a 1st.time mom)


a wart hahaha thats what i got to lose

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