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I did not notice if anyone mentioned that the start to curing dry skin begins with your diet. Eat foods that provide skin moisture, drink plenty of water and balance! Limit showers to 5 minutes (if you can) and moisturize while your body is still wet to seal in moisture. Don't be afraid to add another layer of moisture! Email me if you have any other questions!

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I drink about 32 ounces of water a week and take less than 5 minutes of showers. And it never worked for me. drinking water makes healthy skin but does not help with dry skin.

and funny that you said to email you LOL
and how the heck are we suppose to do that!?! Lmfao


I meant 32 ounces a day not week


also i do use moisturizer right after showering and that does not work. wet skin prevents that as much as people think it will help it does not


Can someone explain the 5 minutes or less shower? I thought the moisture of the shower would be good for dry skin (in fact I took an extra long one today hoping to help with the dryness of my face).


Long showers actually dehydrate you, the
longer showers you take the more moisture is taken out of your skin (dehydration), this is why your hands and feet get all wrinkly, because your skin is starting to dry out. So taking shorter showers will help with you dry skin.


Interesting that people try to point out that water dehydrates you and thus causes dry skin. My face is the only thing that is under water less and yet is the most problem area of severely dry skin.... Yet the rest of my body is under the water the whole time and I don't battle dry skin all over.... Another reason please?


While I'm in the shower after washing while the water is still running I use baby oil gel. It works wonders and it locks in the moisture. Do dry your skin (air dry) or pat dry with your towel to take off (some) of the baby oil gel so you won't look like a sweat ball! Works everytime and it will limit the amount of times you need to moisturize!

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