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I have had heartburn 3 times in the last week - week and a half lasting from 2-3 days each time. Last night I woke with a real burning sensation on my throat and across my chest. Finally managed to get to sleep. Had it real bad this morning still, ate cornflakes and milk and a cup of tea and it released some of the gases. Still have it but it helped relieve the pain associated with it. Going to have a Ba Swallow at the Xray department tomorrow. Not sure what it's called but it's nil by mouth. I think I need a permanent fix though.

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take Prilosec OTC - do the 28 day supply-
it did wonders for me. nothing else is as effective or long lasting. forget tums or milk of magnesia or zantac. only PRILOSEC.
after taking the supply (one a day- i took it at night before bed) you don't have to take it again for at least 4 months- if ever again in the same year. after taking my supply (recommended by my sister with acid reflux) i never experienced the same suffering again (my stomach acids were out of control before). i've been well for years now, thank God for Prilosec!

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