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My husband and I came across some young kittens and we took them in. Before we knew it we had fleas in the house despite my efforts with on spot treatments and flea collars and baths. I laid down salt, borax, and baking soda one night and the next morning vacuumed the whole house. I think I vacuumed 4 times that day and then everyday following I have vacuumed once and mopped with lavendar and bleach. Its been about a week now and the fleas are almost nonexistant! The cats are outside and doing well with capstar and revolution even though it is expensive, it does work. We live out in the country, in the woodline so I am impressed with the results. We do find a once and a while flea but that's to be expected especially with the traffic in and out of the house and you just cannot find and kill every single one of them overnight! The key is vacuum vacuum vacuum!

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Any suggestions for hardwood floors? No carpeting in this place, hardwood floors and tile???


yes!!! vacuum, vacuum, vacuum..!!!!

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