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Two things have worked great for me.
The first, I found here was cayenne pepper. Put some on a wet Q-tip and rub it into the spot. Works great. The other I found was Peppermint Orbit chewing gum.
Chew it up and smash it into the affected area. It numbs the gums if you leave it in one spot but quick relief and no garlic or pepper smell.

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Go to your local health food store and buy yrsuoelf some 100% cranberry juice. Its a little sour, but you can water it down. Failing that you can buy cranberry supplements which you should double the dosage. Drink plenty of water to flush out your bladder and shower using a gentle PH balanced cleanser- no harsh soaps. You can also get a urinary alkalinizer from the chemist containing bicarb soda as one of the ingredients to relieve symtoms. If you are still unwell after a couple of days i would advise getting on antibiotics as you dont want the infection to spread to your kidneys.

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