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Ear aches and ear pain are generally caused by inflammation/fluid in the middle ear that does not drain (blocked eustachian tubes) that presses on the ear drum. Bacteria breed/grow in the fluid. Colloidal Silver dropped directly into the ear reduces swelling & relives pain within 1 hour (continue drops AM & PM for 5 days)- spraying colloidal silver(its a natural antibiotic) into the nasal passage will help drainage & kill bacteria-I add colloidal silver to Ocean brand(saline solution nasal spray) half c. silver & half ocean. Ear aches most often follow a cold or sinus infection & kids that have allergy problems are more prone to ear infections- Fresh garlic pureed in warm olive oil is also great because garlic is a natural antiseptic.

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I don't know how colloidal can make you turn blue if you're just putting it in your ear.


WHERE does one GET 'colloidal silver'?? Never heard of it. Is it dangerous? Would Silvadene Cream, used for hard to heal skin wounds be essentially the same and safe to use?

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