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Ear aches and ear pain are generally caused by inflammation/fluid in the middle ear that does not drain (blocked eustachian tubes) that presses on the ear drum. Bacteria breed/grow in the fluid. Colloidal Silver dropped directly into the ear reduces swelling & relives pain within 1 hour (continue drops AM & PM for 5 days)- spraying colloidal silver(its a natural antibiotic) into the nasal passage will help drainage & kill bacteria-I add colloidal silver to Ocean brand(saline solution nasal spray) half c. silver & half ocean. Ear aches most often follow a cold or sinus infection & kids that have allergy problems are more prone to ear infections- Fresh garlic pureed in warm olive oil is also great because garlic is a natural antiseptic.

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I just knocked out a case of swimmer's ear with sliced garlic in olive oil. I used a dropper for getting a dose in my ear all day and even `kept a sliver of the clove (tied to a string) in my ear. I had an infection yesterday, it is gone today! Worked wonders!


Collidal SIlver can also turn you blue.


Colloidal silver can turn your skin gray but only long term use-taking it everday for more than five years has been know to cause discoloring of skin. Just like iron your body releases silver very slowly-the same with all metals/minerals-lead poisoning & aluminum-some are toxic others are good for you.


Had throbbing acute ear infection, made some colloidal silver (Beck Protocol)& with an eye dropper placed about 3 drops into my ear canal, within about an hour the pain subsided, and this after 5 days of acute pain......


Will the ear infection be totally gone after 6 days of silver drops?


I just tried this as it happened to be the only thing I had in the house to try. It made it SO much worse!!!!!


as a swimmer for 18 years I can tell you colloidal silver works. Just don't use an old bottle of the stuff. Always check the expiration date prior to use.


Yeah be careful of collodial silver look it up on wikipedia first, if you intend to use it, it explains the dangers and research that has been done because of what it can do to you.


don't use so much colloidial silver! havent you ever heard of the guy that turned blue?


I just put some colloidal silver drops in my ear and used a hair dryer - and SOMETHING WORKED!!! That ear is unplugged for the first time in two weeks.

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