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Brian in Chicago

Cool Mint Listerine works very well for me.

Chiggers love me, and my reaction to them is extreme itching for days and days. I seem to get bites every year, around June. It's gotten so hard to live with that I have finally done some exhaustive research on the Web to find a remedy.

What I have found, and many here on this site have confirmed, is that chiggers do not burrow into your skin. That's a well established misconception. The source of the irritation comes from the saliva of these microscopic mites, which are only biting you in their larva-stage of development. I believe this is why I only suffer through this in June, and not later in the Summer.

At any rate, Cool Mint Listerine, applied liberally with cotton balls, has been effective in both reducing the itch, as well as the appearance of the welts. I believe this has to do with the drying effect, and the antiseptic value of the product. Rubbing alcohol seems to work in much the same way. I have found that Tucks medicated pads offer relief as well, possibly from the Witch Hazel. I owe the Listerine remedy to the many posts I found here on this Web site. So I am adding my endorsement here as well.

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Just tried the Cool Mint Listerine remedy. I works for a LOT longer than anti-itch creams.

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