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Charlie Giltner

I have had an infected tooth in the gums for several months off and on. A couple of spells where it was so bad I was ready to pull the tooth myself. After a visit to the dentist and refusing to pay his extortion, but getting a script for antibiotics and pain meds I found this was only a temp fix. Since then it has flared up mildly and a method I use to good effect is to apply TIGER BALM ointment to my jaw and cheek at the point of the infection/tooth and to rub it in well and also at the lymph nodes on the neck, in front and back of the ear on that side or both to help your immunity. And this is also with the restriction of sugar from the diet as that aggravates the immune system and causes inflammation in the entire body adding to discomfort overall. I make sure that the teeth are clean and well flossed and do not use commercial toothpaste as it has toxins and sealants that prevent healing. I brush with washing soda which you can look up online. You can make it from baking soda/sodium bicarbonate by baking it in the heat oven or use the baking soda with salt to brush as this is almost the same. Use very little at a time as it changes the pH in your mouth which should be slightly acid to alkaline and will cause a burn if overused. I wet my brush and just lightly coat the tips of the bristles and shake off the rest. You can almost feel the effect immediately. Don't swallow or it may make you sick to stomach. The TIGER BALM has camphor, clove menthol and other stuff that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and works like magic. It takes time for that to work, but you will have an effect if you put it on before bed by morning. Keep using after pain subsides to keep killing the infection. Cannot emphasize taking minerals like magnesium, potassium and vitamins to support your immunity since toothaches cause people not to want to eat due to pain. Eat leafy greens like broccoli and especially spinach fresh with tomato, onion, and garlic to get them naturally. Eating nuts like almonds and walnuts help too.

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Amanda B

Hello there,

I am experiencing the most heinous toothache at the moment and wanted to say I found your advice really useful, so thank you for that. One thing to bear in mind though is that although you are killing off your infection, if it recurs there must be a deeper-rooted problem and infection can lead to deterioration of your jaw bone and spread further around your gums causing problems to other teeth, so you may want to consider root canal or removing the tooth... although I fully agree with you that the cost is extortionate. Whatever you decide to do, good luck :)


I want to try the tiger balm, however I'm not clear on if you put it on the inside of your mouth or the outside??? The problem I'm having is at the root of one of my top teeth, so I would need to apply the ointment on the gum near the root of the tooth. Can tiger balm be used inside the mouth?


I've been dealing with an abscess that keeps coming back. This time was really bad and I saw the tiger balm on here. I have some for achy joints so I tried it. Put some on before I went to bed and when I woke up I had no more pain. I even slept for almost 6 hours. The site has swelled up more, but there is no pain.

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