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Finally some relief! I checked this website and another website I found, and this is what I came up with:

First I rinsed with a salt and warm water mixture.

Then I popped a mug of warm water with a tea bag in the microwave until it was hot (about 45 seconds to a minute). I placed the tea bag on my tooth until it wasn't really hot anymore ( maybe a minute or so ) and then dropped it back in the hot water. Let it heat up again for a few seconds and put it back on my tooth. This time I bit down on it so the hot water would get deep into the cracks.

Once that was finished I took a few drops of the left over hot tea bag water and mixed in some garlic salt, dried oregano, and black pepper until it was a paste-like consistency. I used a q-tip to apply it to my tooth and gums. (FYI Keep your tongue away from the paste. it tastes terrible) I let that sit on there for about 2 minutes. It did have a very mild burning sensation but that was very tolerable and nothing compared to the toothache pain I was feeling before. After 2-3 minutes I rinsed that out with warm water.

3 1/2 hours later and my tooth still doesn't hurt. It definitely has feeling still, but it's not uncomfortable.

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i tried this... and it sucked.. did not work what so ever.. but i guess everyone is different..


I tried this with my friend who had a terrible toothache so bad she could barely speak and she found relief with it thank you so much. now everyone around her is much happier!!!

Reeca Brown

Da garlic salt w parsely and black pepper and Oregono worked I stirred it up put lil hot water and warmed it put on a q tip it's not tasty but it bad lol


Hey t-bags were the only thing I could find in the house at 3am -arghh & working after trying 4/5 times so thanks for the relief. T-bags ut ready to take to work tomorrow. May get some sleep now :)

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