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I am 17 weeks pregnant and woke up with severe pain in the early morning hours. My usual remedy (Kanka and Tylenol) wasn't working and I was literally in tears for almost 2 hours and developing an ear ache when I came across this site. I could hardly read through the constant crying but I managed and found some remedies that have helped significantly. First, I brushed gently in a circular motion with Sensodyne. After, I swished warm salt water for about a minute. Finally, I dabbed some pure vanilla extract on the area. The pain isn't 100% gone but it is definitely tolerable now. I am hoping to get into the dentist today or tomorrow. **Pregnant ladies remember, you don't want to try to cure yourself with anything that is unnatural and you should see your dentist or OB/midwife as soon as possible if you need to control any type of pain.

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