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My migraines are not curable. No medication will work. I have tried excedrin but after I have taken all that I can as recommended on the label I am still in terrible pain, feel even more nauseated, and have diarrhea from all the meds. The pain gets so bad that I can't even sleep because it hurts sooooo BAD. The only relief I've found is lying in bed with a heat pad, yes heat, on my neck and shoulders. I put on something to listen to, usually a season of a show I've seen before and enjoy, and trying to focus on calmness and listen to distract myself form the pain until I can finally sleep. Or if that is not working get in a hot hot shower and let it run on my head until I run out of hot water. My pain is as if something is trying to burst out of my skull. One other thing, while I am eating during a headache the pain goes away almost completely until I stop eating. Hmm obesity? Or debilitating pain?

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Botox shots - you get them every three months - they take mine away for about 2.5 months but they hurt really bad and they trigger a migraine when you get them but then the pain relief is awesome


I get migraines practically on a weekly basis, I try to sleep them off, but works for me is the Migraine Kit, comprises of 1 menograine, 1 adco cyclazine (for nasea), 1 ranfen and 2 betapayn. Try it, hope it helps. Migraines are horrid.

John Bedson

If eatiung relieves your migraine, why not try chewing gum for the duration of the migraine?


I'm surprised no one has mentioned simply placing a pencil in your mouth! :) This is a common source of tension and I notice when I am getting a headache or migraine slackening my jaw, massage, and resting relieve some symptoms. Lately I have been getting a migraine with nausea every weekend after my back injury so this isn't helping as much as it used to but maybe it will be enough for someone.


I tried a lot of different things. Nothing really can stop the headaches completely but I would say since I started taking Omega-3 supplements the frequency of headache occurrence decreased; I didn't have any luck with magnesium supplements. Heavily garlic and onion flavored foods are a trigger for my headaches, so I try to avoid them and specifically exposing myself to the smell. Leftover food also seems to be another trigger for me. Anyway, my gut feeling is that there is correlation between my stomach and my migraines. A mixture of cold water, peppermint extract and sugar (or plain rock candy) might sometimes help but my understanding is once the ache starts, there is no way out and I have to wait for it to go away. The headaches happen specifically around the time that I get my period; I start taking Inderal 40mg couple of days before my period until couple of days after it. When I was younger I was on all sort of preventive medication (otherwise I would have the headaches almost 24/7) and among all I found Sodium Vol-prate and Verapamil the best but now I don't care to be on preventive medication (I get the headaches less often, couple of times a month). Sometimes I can prevent the headaches by taking Naratriptan 2x2.5mg but if I do it couple of days in a row, my body won't respond to it, so I have to give in and put up with a severe headaches for 1-3 days (I take Gravol and sleep as much as possible) but once it's gone I am usually good for another couple of weeks.


Strange but.. yes Hot shower works for me too..


Try taking gluten and/or corn out of your diet. Those are the two things that trigger them for me.


Eating will only make me hurt more and throw up more. Alternating heat and cold pack is more effective in controlling the acute inflammation. And also a very dark and quiet room.

Corrine W

I have tried everything, nothing works for me. I am happy that some of you found relief.

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