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My migraines are not curable. No medication will work. I have tried excedrin but after I have taken all that I can as recommended on the label I am still in terrible pain, feel even more nauseated, and have diarrhea from all the meds. The pain gets so bad that I can't even sleep because it hurts sooooo BAD. The only relief I've found is lying in bed with a heat pad, yes heat, on my neck and shoulders. I put on something to listen to, usually a season of a show I've seen before and enjoy, and trying to focus on calmness and listen to distract myself form the pain until I can finally sleep. Or if that is not working get in a hot hot shower and let it run on my head until I run out of hot water. My pain is as if something is trying to burst out of my skull. One other thing, while I am eating during a headache the pain goes away almost completely until I stop eating. Hmm obesity? Or debilitating pain?

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NO HEAT! Ive had migraines for 38 yr.ICE.The med I take works very well but i cant always afford it.The med(maxalt)shrinks the vessels in your head thus relieving the pain.Put ice on your neck and temples i promise it will work!


I recognize the heat thing, it works for me too. I will stand in the shower for ever, as soon as I get out, the pain returns...


I've noticed that my headaches go away when I eat as well and I can't figure out why...very strange...


Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago saved my life. They had to hospitalize me for 5 days on an IV to stop the migraine cycle & then put me on a daily preventative. It has changed my life. I don't think I'd be alive without them. My doctor recently moved to the Baylor Headache Institute in Dallas, so I'm sure they're really good too.


I have tried every thing even Maxalta and nothing helps


My migraine pain also goes away while eating, or at least significantly decreases. I've heard that when you eat, your body's serotonin levels go up. Low serotonin is a known migraine trigger so obviously higher serotonin could help migraines!


Heat and eating relieving the pain. sounds like you have muscle issues as well as the blood vessel issues that cause migraines.
My alignment is probably my number one trigger. I get pain from the base of my alone to the base of my scull with a splitting headache.

My wife's doctor diagnosed her with her first migraine and he showed her a trick to help the pain. He demonstrated in me not knowing I was fighting one too and it did seem to help after the initial pain. He took finger and bent it to message my temples with his second knuckle. He rubbed in circles ten times one way then the other, ten times as well. Like I said, it was painful at first, but out did feel better after he stopped. He explained that the blood vessels swell in the temples and cause pain. Tension in the temple muscles can cause the pain as well.

Adjustments, both self adjusting and from the chiropractor have helped. AS well as his suggested treatment of alternating heat and ice. The heat relaxes the muscles, the ice reduces swelling.

Hope this helps


Spine, not alone.......
Stupid 'smart' phone!


The eating eases the pain because of the chewing motion, same for earaches and severe tooth aches... although chewing is the last thing you want to do when you have a toothache, so just doing the chewing motion with your jaws is better. Good luck. I have had migraines for years as well. I also enjoy the peppermint oil products on my temples/forehead/neck as some of the others have suggested.


When I was hospitalized with a migraine a few years ago, they gave me an I.V. of magnesium and an anti-nausea. It was amazing! I have taken magnesium supplements daily since then and it has helped a lot! It doesn't prevent all of the kinds of migraines I get (it doesn't touch the ones I get from changes in barometric pressure) but it has helped prevent other types (like stress induced and menstrual migraines).

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