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Just wondering if anyone know if it's okay to use hydrogen peroxide on nail bed after nail falls off? Will it damage the nail bed? Is it even necessary to continue treatment after the nail has fallen off?

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The hydrogen peroxide can damage new granulating tissue (new tissue) and should really not be used unless it is diluted with sterile water or normal saline,


lemon juice has been used for centuries in india and mdidle eastern countries to help lighten skin. in my experience, while lemon juice works to a certain degree, it really ends up drying out your skin. some people can be very sensitive to the acidity in the lemon. you're better off using a vitamin c serum (or a lightening serum) which has been specially formulated to use on the skin. I've used in on my face for several months and have noticed a big difference on my spots and pigmentation. I don't know about underarms

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