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I have a wart on my finger and I have been doing ACV for a few days now, using a vinegar soaked piece of cotton and a bandaid, day and night. But my wart has just gotten much bigger and white. I am worried since it is not turning black like many people have mentioned. Has this happened to anyone else? I am worried that it will just keep getting bigger. Any advice as to whether or not this is working would be really appreciated!

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Are you sure it is a wart? you may want to see a doctor about it to make sure. I had a wart on my finger and first I wrapped it in tape for 2 days, then I put acv on it and bandaged it again, replacing the tape every day and I switched between the store bought wart remover and acv, did it for about a week, and then I peeled off the wart. but I should tell you that I noticed the wart get smaller after applying the tape. my wart did not turn black but I did notice the brownish round spots inside of it which I believe to be the blood vessels supplying the wart.

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