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Hi guys,
i have been a victim of mild acne for years, and i found that this home remede helps wonders!
First get 1/4 cup of honey and microwave for 30 seconds, the honey will have a liquedy texture. Get 1/4 salt and mix it in with the honey. Then get a teaspoon of toothpast, and NOT THE GEL KIND PLEASE! And mix it well. Than get a tablespoon of face moisturizer ( of your choice. And also mix it. Wait 5 minutes and spread over the affected area. And enjoy soft clear skin!:) (repeat morning and night for best resalts)

half thalf

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I've tired that, it didn't really work for me... It made my skin to dry... but it worked for a friend..


How long are you supposed to leave it on?


How much salt?
1/4 cup?


How long do you keep the mixture on your face ?


to the person who asked if it's 1/4 of a cup its the first 1/4 on the measuring cup.


I scrubbed the mixture on my face for a minute or so and then I let it sit on my face for 20 minutes. It didn't dry my face out and worked really well. I use it all the time now :)


How much do you put on? Should the salt be whole or grinded?


For the Moisturizer can it be Noxima cream

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