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okj my daughter had horrible acne, we tried everything from over the counter to prescription, then one night i looked up uses for organic apple cider vinegar(because my husband swears by it for just about everything..;)lol)..and thee it was use it for acne.She just put some on the corner of a washcloth and rubbed it on her face morning and night, after 2-3 days it drastically cleared up!!!now she has no acne at all and has cut down to using it a couple of times a week.

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I am 14, had acne for as long as ive been a teen/tween. I am sick of havin open pores, and bumps all over my face, because lets face it, who actually wants that? Anyways, im goin to try this remedy, because. My moms always had apple cider vinegar (the real stuff) around, but ive never heard of it curin acne. So im goin to try it, google it, and see how it works =)


I was on accurate and it worked wonders but my acne is cystic and tarted coming back I wanna try this before going back on accuse and see if it works thanks for sharing!!(:


I am so excited to try this! Nothing has worked and I will comment back if it works or not.


it didn't work for me, it made me break out


Do u wash your face after or just leave the cider on?

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