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when you have swimmers ear do not buy that stuff from the stores because it is alcohol based when i went to the doctor he told me it dries out your ear canal. your thinking ya but thats supposed to help but it doesnt it also causes pain and burning in the ear the best thing to do is go to the doctor and get a prescription.

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Prescriptions are not natural home remedies. DUH!!!


Alcohol works if you have fluid in the ear from swimming!! Just have to use vinegar for the bacteria!




Some ppl may not be able to afford to go get a Rx plus Rx isnt natural

pastryface martini

a prescription for what? eggburger.


Your totally right


K, no one should put vaseline anywhere near their ears. So some ent's recommend this, I tried it once out of desperation(after trying everything else first), n n the vaseline (was name brand vaseline too) went down the cotton ball. Not for sure if it got in my ears but it may have.



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