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I've been getting it on and off now for years. It seems horrible, but in reality it's just ugly. I've tried everything on this site and various others. Most with negative outcomes. Quite frankly, most of these home remedies are just crazy. What probably happens is they get desperate and try something and because the ringworm has already run its course, they think what ever they just tried last cured it. Lamasil and time are the 2 best cures. It works every time and faster than anything else. The jiu-jitsu world likes acidophlius. A pro-biotic found in yogurt. Theory says the two bacteria compete for the same food source. I haven't got any ringworm since i started eating it, but again it could just be coincidence. Don't try anything stupid, lamasil and time is all you need.

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I thought ringworm was a fungus,
not a bacteria. So, I'm wondering how
the probiotic helps cure it.


i have a ringworm right now and someone said that bleach worked well for them but i imagine that being very unhealthy for your skin wouldn't the bleach go into your body? and its very poisoned is it not?


I was diagnosed with ringworm by my doctor who advised an over the counter pharmaceutical spray. This had zero impact and the rash spread to around 20 areas on my body, arms and legs. A friend suggested using a diluted form of Dettol on a wet sponge in the shower. Within a few days it had completely disappeared and a year on there has been no further sign of it try it! It really worked

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