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SEASALT or SALT is the only REAL REMEDY GUARANTEED to WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take a needle pop holes in the BLISTER wet your finger apply the salt press and hold it on for 30 secs salt will stick on leave it on till u can't stand the burning any longer SALT will make BLISTER DRAIN keep dabbing with tissue BLISTER will MELT OFF in ONE DAY. REPEAT STEPS every 2 HOURS. Use abreva, etc after blister has dissolved to combat the scar.

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Just tried it, had two on my lip bothering the piss out of me. I put salt on it for a minute,and the aggravating swelling on my lip, Thank you.


I really wouldn't recommend doing this it BURNS!!!! it will dry it out and drain 'some' of the infection (or all if you do it alot) I am going to try vicks or tea tree oil and see if that helps I will come back and comment after I get it. Again salt BURNS BAD. but if you have no vicks or tea tree oil and want to drain the infection I would use salt but have damp tissue or cloth ready and hold on to something. Peroxide burns like hell too but not as bad as salt


Yeah it burns...which is what its SUPPOSED to do! You're killing the bacteria..duh. If you're able to take the pain, it actually gets so much better and the pain goes almost completely away! Its like killing a slug...get it where it hurts.


The salt worked as far as pain adn redness but now my lip is swollen, which it was not before.

CE in Florida

My bottom lip is FULL of these stupid things and my top had one as well!! SALT BURNS but like someone else posted it caused lip to swell and also got another on during all the home remedies! I have had these for 6 days NOTHING heals them fast! They are hideous and makes me feel like a freak. I wish I could cut my mouth off and transplant a new one!

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