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I cut a deep line down my wrist in March as a suicide attempt. I regret it. It is 2mm in width and 5'in in length.
June 7th:
Scar is bright red
Very Noticeable
Raised above skin
I made a mixture that day. I combined:

Bio-Oil -2-3 teaspoons-

Vitamin E liquid form - 2 teaspoons-

Mederma scar gel -half tsp-

Polysporin heal-fast formula -1/2 tsp-

Vaseline -Desired amount-
I combined these and mixed until it became a thick, milky fluid.
I dip a Q-Tip into the mixture and gently rub on my scar back and forth with the Q-tip several times. I repeat this 3-4 times per day.

June 19th:
no longer raised above the skin.
silvery white;
not as noticeable as before.
They say you should use a scar gel for 6 months to a year for results.

Its been 12 days and I've began getting good results!

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One who has been forgotten

To Kell and douche:

Self harm is never something to belittle. I came here looking for remedied to heal some old scars from self-harm.

Sometimes, you feel like the only thing you can do is hurt yourself so you can feel a some sort of emotion. Sometimes its your only option to feel anything at all, because your life so quickly went to hell your mind just couldnt handle all the emotions and shut itself down.

Never judge, only offer support. I have ugly scars from my past. I now regret taking the knife to my skin, but I won't ever forget the people who were there for me and only offered support. Nor will I forget people like you, who judged and spewed acid with their words.


Best luck for you!

Kell, people like you are totally ignorant and think they know everything.


I have self harmed too and I have a friend who nearly killed herself whilst self harming, it's no joke! People can have problems at 13, I have! It takes a lot to admit to stuff like that so just stfu and keep your snide comments to yourself!


how did we go from eliminating a scar to self harm psycho babble. I'm going to try her remedy. Thank you sweetie.

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