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I cut a deep line down my wrist in March as a suicide attempt. I regret it. It is 2mm in width and 5'in in length.
June 7th:
Scar is bright red
Very Noticeable
Raised above skin
I made a mixture that day. I combined:

Bio-Oil -2-3 teaspoons-

Vitamin E liquid form - 2 teaspoons-

Mederma scar gel -half tsp-

Polysporin heal-fast formula -1/2 tsp-

Vaseline -Desired amount-
I combined these and mixed until it became a thick, milky fluid.
I dip a Q-Tip into the mixture and gently rub on my scar back and forth with the Q-tip several times. I repeat this 3-4 times per day.

June 19th:
no longer raised above the skin.
silvery white;
not as noticeable as before.
They say you should use a scar gel for 6 months to a year for results.

Its been 12 days and I've began getting good results!

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katherine sieg

stumbled upon your post and don't believe in accidents. praying for you.

'Nothing is impossible with God' -Luke 1:37


Bullshit. You could not have put ANYTHING on that woulnd, if there was one, for many, many weeks...months even.
If, as it sounds, you mildly scratched yourself, in an attempt to make people believe you needed attention, then yes, all those little treatments would have worked.

And so would just leaving it alone. Ever had a serious scar from a little kitten swiping at you? NO!

Nice try! Better luck next time!

Looking for REAL information....not how you little scratch healed SO well, but thank you!


What vaseline? Vaseline:petroleum?


Kell, your rude comments are absolutely unnecessary.

First of all, self harm is not always an attempt for attention. Second, when it is for attention, it still means the person is going through something serious. Their need for attention may seen stupid to you, but it is actually rooted in much deeper issues.

Furthermore, never belittle a person you do not know by making assumptions like that. You are very misguided.

Why would she not have been able to put anything
on the wound after three months? I have seen gashes like that heal within a month and a half. If it was just a 'scratch' like you said, it would have been healed by about two weeks later.

Her remedy may or may not have been what healed her scar, but there is no reason for you to react as you did.


i used to self harm. i am 13 and your jerks. go to hell. i did it because i wanted to die and my life was so bad i didn't have anyone who cared. i don't care if it works or wasn't for attention. u would be surprised who all have done the same as me. u are a fuckin bitch from hell u bastard don't judge people or situations u know nothing about! screw u bastard.


Feel your pain. It is always sad when people look at your arm then a weird akward convo starts or a look of judgement. Your not alone.


We are here to love but we must love ourselves so we can reverbrate that love back to the universe. If your scar doesn't fade you may want to consider using a glycolic acid and Retin A product. Other future treatment ideas can include microdermabrasion. You can try exfoliating your skin with a papaya enzyme exfoliation cream then apply moisturizer. Drink plenty of water and ingest vit C., fiber, collagen, green tea and eat properly. Gingko Biloba will improve circulation and may help you get your nutrients to your skin.


I'm sorry to hear that, I've been a self harmed too, fact that's why I'm on this site, to cover my scars. And to those of you making horrible comments saying it is for attention and just because your 13 you didn't go through shit all yet makes no entire sense! How sick do you need to be to judge someone like that and say it's for attention. You've never lived half a second in their mind so I suggest you would really keep those idiotic comments to yourself :) self harm/suicide/depression/anxiety whatever the case may be is not even close to a joking matter. If someone does it for attention you can tell, but accusing her of lying and saying it was just a scratch is just horrible. Idk there's no words for people like you. Anyways stay strong love and thank you so much for this advice :) <3

A internet user

to douche how semi truthful and semi rude comment posted this:

At 13... what could be so bad in your young life? Try being 30/ 50/ 70 and witnessing real hurt/ real death/ real pain! your life has not had enough time for such pain. And learn this young have some respect for you and others and leave your little shit rude opinion and your clearly messed up mind.

at 13 a lot can happen... have you ever heard of bullying

bullying is the leading cause of self harm is anxiety, depression, or A PREVIOUS TRAUMA

a previous trauma could mean thousands of things like bullying

Semi Truthful: Being 30, 50, 70 and witnessing real hurt, death and pain could be hard i get that

Semi Rude: When douche said, '...and leave your little shit rude opinion and your clearly messed up mind.' i thought that was yes really really rude of him/you to say. i say that because by saying that he/she has a 'clearly messed up mind.' His/ her mind may be messed up from what he/she went through.

So douche, if you would please shut your mouth, and think before you post.

A internet user


where do you get everything?

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