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Stop EVERYTHING and go buy a Robi-Comb!!

At least 7 YEARS, on and off, I've battled these blood suckers with my 3 children. Tried every remedy from store bought lice med (poison), mayo, tea tree oil(worked fairly well temporarily) name it, we tried it!!

Read a post about the Robi-Comb and thought I'd try it. (Walgreens) It is a battery powered comb that literally SHOCKS those buggers to DEATH!!

As you comb through the hair, you will hear a buzzing sound when it shocks the lice. Use the little brush to brush them into a bowl of water (this will drown them in case they are not fully dead). I used this every few days until no more were detected. Follow up in a week just to make sure no more lice eggs hatched.

Not the cheapest thing on the market...I think I paid around 20 dollars for it, BUT, money well spent. 2 years now and it still works great and NO LICE!! I still check them now and then, NO LICE!!

I did not even have to do all the bedding treatment....bagging up bedding, washing in hot water and hot dryer...all that was unnecessary with the Robi-Comb!!

Buy it, use it as directed and YOU WILL BE LICE FREE!!!! LOVE IT!!

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does it realy works??? i mean to say does diz comb leads to hair fall? plz reply me soon coz me suffering for diz problem:(


Yes it does work. We have used it for a few breakouts as I have six kids and this is the method we use everytime.


does it work for long and very think hair? we used NIX lice treatment kit but it does not kill all lice and eggs as it claims.


Robi Comb is a gimmick. Killing the bugs is easy, but removing the nits is essential. The Robi comb is not a good nit comb and nothing kills the nits.

Nix and Rid are poisonous chemicals that many strains of lice have evolved a tolerance to. It is pointless to use these toxic pesticides with safe, natural solutions that are just as effective now available.

Go to for the best rated nit comb on the marketplace and all natural solutions for treating, removing and preventing lice. They give free phone advice and have excellent tutorials and videos at their website that ensure you remedy the problem safely and effectively.


does it hurt the kid i mean if it kills the bugs with shock does it hurt?


this comb does not work...i wasted money on it and it didnt do a single thing..


I bought this comb several years ago and used it on children who were chronically infested with lice. What I found was that it does hurt the child's head when a bug is shocked. I don't think the child was shocked but it seemed like the hair was being yanked when ever a bug was shocked. I think that if you only have a few bugs it would work better. The kids I dealt with had many generations of lice crawling on their head and it was like every second the comb would zap.


The Robi comb is awesome for killing and removing head lice.. The first time I used it on my girls I was surprised. I obviously knew they had lice but never in a million years did I imagine that many. BEWARE though.. they're not always dead, but they will be in shock.. you'll just have to squeeze them to death. The only thing is that the nits stay.

I combed their hair thoroughly with the Robi comb until it didn't pick any more lice. Then saturated their hair with olive oil to loosen up the nits, left it in for an hour and combed with a regular nit comb. NOT WITH THE ROBI COMB. THE ROBI COMB CAN ONLY BE USED ON DRY HAIR. The olive oil didn't do such a great job. Although I was able to remove a lot of nits, it left several behind. I hand picked them but I guess I must have left some behind because they have lice again. =( Tonight after combing with the Robi comb and removing all the head lice, I will drench their heads with vinegar and hope this time I'm successful removing all the nits.

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