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haley m.

Just tonight burned my hand picking up a freshly hot stove grill. Just ran it under some cold water for a couple minutes to take the shock from my fingers and then applied aloe vera gel with some bandages. Pain was gone for a good while but eventually came back, even with the reapplication of the gel. Tried a pickle, peanut butter, wet sugar, and tomato sauce and they have all provided instant relief but nothing longterm. So far all that's been working for me is a good ol bag of ice in the my hand.

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I got burned on my right hand from steam from an extremely hot cast iron pan. It's a first degree burn just shy of second degree. I tried yellow mustard, tomato slice, honey, burn cream from first aid kit, anything that I read could help. Nothing helped. The ONLY thing that worked was soaking my hand in cold water and/or ice water for 7 hours. When I removed my hand at the end of this time, I applied aloe vera gel to try to get some sleep. Maybe these home remedies work for minor first degree burns only.

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