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DAY 1 - Was wondering and hoping with all my heart that the ACV treatment should be able to put my mind @ ease. So with cynicism and a truckload of hope in my mind, I tape on a small cotton ball (the size of a ear bud) soaked in Heinz ACV and cross my fingers for the next 3 - 4 hours hoping that i get relief Overnite. High hopes..!
DAY 2 - Nothing happend ! No stinging, no discomfort, no pain, no warts turning white as decribed by so many others... :( Dissappointed but not more than what I used to be after my weekly visit to the Gynaec only to be told that the condition is still the matter what she tried. So With that thought in mind I give it another shot. This time I soak a big full ball with ACV...dripping with it and put it right on the skin tag wart and hold it between the 2 lips. Ofcourse ladies kindly take care that ur sensitive parts are adequately covered with a cotton strip of sumthing before. I did the same. Reaction was nada for the first 30 mins or so...after about half an hour I could feel a slight discomfort...jus like how the fingers feel if left in water for too long..something like that where it wants to be dry and not sensitive. Nothing like the terrible pain I expected. Cotton kept for 4 hours.
DAY 3 - I notice that the 1 big skin tag wart the size of a bean and 4 - 5 small warts have sort of become flaky..wet flaky like it wud be if kept in water for some time. I discover that it jus looks flaky but is not...Anyways Applied another ACV soaked cotton ball same way.. 10 mins into the application and the stings come in....!!! OMG ! Yes it stings...what they said was all true..! The stinging and irritation @ the particular area is awful..But I gotta tell u that its all over hyped ! Trust hurts but its bearable with a few winces of the face.. :) Hoping for the best since today the stinging that means that the ACV is affecting some parts of the annoying warts.
DAY 4 - Hurts and stings...the spots where the warts are present is kind of sore...I can feel it when I am sitting still. Annoying but worth it if it works.
Day 5/6/7 - Could not apply the ACV as I had guest over @ my house and could not afford to smell even a bit like smelly socks...yess..for the uninitiated... :) ACV does smell like a pair of damp smelly socks.
Day 8 - The big bean sized wart seems to be peeling skin off...and this time around it reallyy sheds sum skin flakes. Not too bad but gives me some kind of hope. Even if peeling takes the warts off...anything for peace of mind and carefree nights of intimacy again.
Day 9 - Encouraged by the above I apply ACV again and keep it for about 8 hours. As much as I can. Sore again.
Day 10 - 6 hour ACV application again. I can feel the 4-5 tiny bumps + the bean sized wart shrinking and the skin smoother...OMG I am excited.
Day 11/12 - The shrinking progresses and I feel confident. Confident enough not to look at the warts or apply ACV for the next 3 - 4 days.
Day 15 - Gone !!! Warts all gone ! I have never felt this exhilarated feeling since a long long time...Its freedom @ its best ! :) All i see now are jus sum marks left behind at the spot where the warts were. I am goin to monitor this fo rhte next few days.
Day 18 - The marks have faded aways to normal healthy skin. The best feeling today after 4-5 months of stress.
Go ahead people and try this out. The little pain u get is completely bearable and worth the freedom from the tiny aliens u got from other aliens !!! Go right ahead.
And BTW I realised that the ACV does not exaggerate the wart symptom. All it does is engage all the already present warts, whether seen or unseen and brings it out to the fore to kill them from the root. I am writing this 3 months after I stopped the application of ACV. Touchwood, completely amazed and happy with the result. Go right ahead.

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to buy avc do you need a perscription or can you purchase at a counter? how much is it


Is it a certain kind to get because mines don't seem like its working and this is my second day doing this and I need these cleared within 2 weeks please help me I got a generic brand with 5% acidity


Try the all natural organic brand (Bragg). It kind of looks cloudy and you have to shake it up before you use it. It's about $4.68 where I live. Good luck!

sad :(

Hi, where can i purchase this acv thing?PLease i neeed these removed...its near my vagina near my lower butt cheeks area it's so sad :(


acv=apple cider vinegar..... you can get it at any grocery store


Have they come back at all? Do you continue to apply ACV for maintainance?

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