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hi. im 16 yrs old and i have 4 years stretch marks due of puberty. i tried a cream but it didn't just work so i'm always finding a home remedy online since i have no money for laser treatments, etc and some ingredients are hard to find..well, they say that mixing glycerin with honey and salt(rub it 2 times a day until dried then rinse with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer) can heal scars, i don't know how true it is but that's what people say online. I have tried this remedy just yesterday but i'm not really sure if it will work. Does anybody tried this remedy?? i really want my stretch mark to just even's hard to find 100% cocoa butter in any stores in my country(i'm from the philippines), you can only find it on lotions. so please comment if any one of you have tried glycerin for healing you Stretch mark scars or you can also try this remedy and please tell me if it worked! thanks.. good luck to all of us.stretch marks are really a huge problem to me since our weather is always hot so we always have to wear short shorts and anything that will really show your skin..

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lolssss,,,scrub nyo lng xa sugar un pnangtaggal q ng stretch ,ark,,,tska apply ng vit .e dyaaarraaan mgfafade n yan pro gradual at depnde s depth ng scar,,,

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