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hi. im 16 yrs old and i have 4 years stretch marks due of puberty. i tried a cream but it didn't just work so i'm always finding a home remedy online since i have no money for laser treatments, etc and some ingredients are hard to find..well, they say that mixing glycerin with honey and salt(rub it 2 times a day until dried then rinse with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer) can heal scars, i don't know how true it is but that's what people say online. I have tried this remedy just yesterday but i'm not really sure if it will work. Does anybody tried this remedy?? i really want my stretch mark to just even's hard to find 100% cocoa butter in any stores in my country(i'm from the philippines), you can only find it on lotions. so please comment if any one of you have tried glycerin for healing you Stretch mark scars or you can also try this remedy and please tell me if it worked! thanks.. good luck to all of us.stretch marks are really a huge problem to me since our weather is always hot so we always have to wear short shorts and anything that will really show your skin..

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I mean 'due to puberty'.sorry.


hi ..
im 16 years old also ... i have a stretch mark on my both legs .
i have a cocoa butter but then , its not that effective wat am i trying to say is theres no changes .. i used it for how many months , its very hard to find a cream , i think its better to have a home remedy . as wat have you observe those remedy are effective or not ? im from Philippines too. :) god bless to you . i hope you can answer my question .


hi..i don't know..ngayon lang din kasi ako gumamit ng glycerin, honey and salt scrub, tapos nag eexfoliate din ako by mixing baking soda and sugar as a body sister said that it lightened a bit. but im not really satisfied with the results..maybe i have to use it longer until i can see good results..the problem is my stretch mark is old since it's been 4 can try it if you want.maybe it will not work that great on mine but it can to you.BTW,the older your stretch marks are, the harder it is to get rid of. but hey,! have you heard about Medical Crystals?? i think it's effective cause it's like you're doing a microdermabrasion at home.just search it in google. it takes dead skin cells off your skin at the same time promoting collagen production. it's just have to massage it so it can really help with old stretch marks and people said that they see good results in just a short period of time. anyway, how old is your stretch mark? i don't really know kung kailan ako makakabili ng med crystals..mahal yata kasi ehh..then plus shipping fee pa.first time ko lang bibili online if makabili ako..LOL..san ka nakakabili ng cocoa butter? wala akong mahanap sa sm e.hehe. feeling ko med crystals nalang parang mas sigurado kung bibili works daw on any skin type.


you can buy creams sa watsons...galing nga watsons yung akin eh..di naman gumana..hehe.o kaya sa sm department store, punta ka sa mga lotions..pero try mo pa din yung med crystals or any home remedy..yung home remedies kasi nagpepenetrate sa skin deeply..yung mga lotions na yan e d ata nagpepenetrate deeply yung iba.nasa dermis kasi yung stretch mark eh.basta habang wala ka pan nagagawa ngayon, try massaging your marks with olive oil or any moisturizer, baka can also help to prevent stretch marks..good luck..hope it helps.:)


hi i am 16 years old too and stretch marks are really hard to mom told me to massage my legs with olive oil twice a day.well i been rubbing olive oil for a month now and it is fading bit by bit so.but she told me that the best way to get rid of stretch marks is by going to the gym and i her doctor told me the same thing so i run everyday and do workouts.and it works


Ok i'll try.. my stretch arks faded a bit by my remedy' the glycerin, honey and salt scrub..'but im planning to buy medical crystals..:) they say it fades stretch marks faster and i really hope that's true..:))


glycerin, honey and salt scrub seems like a good idea but can someone pl advise the ratio of each to be used in the scrub


1 tablespoon of glycerin and honey, and 1/4 tablespoon of salt.mix it in a plastic container. massage onto skin for 5 minutes. and apply a moisturizer. keep the mixture not more than 48 hours. hope this helps. but i also used baking soda mixed with sugar before doing this so i can exfoliate. Base the amount of the said above ingredients on how large the area you will put them.


2 weeks palang ata tong sTrch marks ko.. and ang dami kakainis!!!!! ano po b ung effective natural remedy???!!!! i use myra E gel & erase solution... kaso parang walang improvement.. huhuuhuh! ang pangit tlaga tignan :( di ako makaag shorts kc nsa thighs ko and pababa na sa back part ng knee ko :(


Me too, it's also at the back of my knee, nakakainis, siguro try mo yung medical crystals google mo lang actually, hindi ko pa sya natatry kasi hindi talaga ako marunong bumili online hahhah XD pero baka ikaw kaya mo..1 thou plus sya.. naresearch ko kasi na mabilis daw magfade ng stretch marks they're still purple pala, try mo mag exfoliate.use apricot scrub.. then sak mo lagyan nyang virtmin e gel mo..

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