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During and after my pregnancy, I got some very noticeable long stretch marks.. I tried Bio- Oil, Cocoa Butter, vitamin E oil and even pure natural Shea Butter.. None of those gave me any significant results....

Whilst my Mother was in Africa, I asked her to bring me back some pure natural African black soap. I've had a jar of Nigerian Unrefined Palm Oil sitting in my kitchen cupboard for over a year, and something told me to research it's health benefits and try it out.

First I started using the palm oil and black soap combined whilst in the shower, scrubbing the stretch marks, and then rinsing away. I realised that i was not giving the palm oil enough time to settle into my skin. So I then started using the black soap to scrub my body whilst showering, and after I used the red palm oil to massage into the areas where I have stretch marks. I then got cling film and wrapped it over my stretch marks (with the palm oil) and slept with it.

Never before have I ever experienced significant results. Alot of people say stretch marks are for life and there is no way to get rid of them. I believe there is a solution to everything, and in most health issues.. The solution is always NATURAL remedies.

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can you be more descriptive... how long did you do this for it to start working? did you scrub with soap for a long time? did the oil stain?


Okay, im 20 and i have some stretchmarks on my stomach due to me having a kid, i am so self concience about them ...i read this...i just found all the products on guessing the wrap you are talking about is saran rap...cause thats what i going to try and do it..but my question is HOW LONG DID IT TAKE FOR YOU TO GET RESULTS???? and anything else any little creams i could use in the mean time to help i will do please give me whatever advice you can.


vivi holla at me on this email if you really serious about getting the ingredients


Will I still get the same results if I only use The red palm oil without the black soap?

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