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During and after my pregnancy, I got some very noticeable long stretch marks.. I tried Bio- Oil, Cocoa Butter, vitamin E oil and even pure natural Shea Butter.. None of those gave me any significant results....

Whilst my Mother was in Africa, I asked her to bring me back some pure natural African black soap. I've had a jar of Nigerian Unrefined Palm Oil sitting in my kitchen cupboard for over a year, and something told me to research it's health benefits and try it out.

First I started using the palm oil and black soap combined whilst in the shower, scrubbing the stretch marks, and then rinsing away. I realised that i was not giving the palm oil enough time to settle into my skin. So I then started using the black soap to scrub my body whilst showering, and after I used the red palm oil to massage into the areas where I have stretch marks. I then got cling film and wrapped it over my stretch marks (with the palm oil) and slept with it.

Never before have I ever experienced significant results. Alot of people say stretch marks are for life and there is no way to get rid of them. I believe there is a solution to everything, and in most health issues.. The solution is always NATURAL remedies.

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What is cling film?


I think cling film might also be saran wrap?


i have try it and it works prefectly ☺k. My stretch marks are gone


How long did it took for them to start vanishing[fading]?


where can you buy the ingredients if you live in ny?


Were can I find this black soap and oil? I live in south Africa, so I will find it... I want to try this natural way because other products don't work at all...


so instead of the nigerian oil you then switched red palm oil? or is that the same thing?


The red palm oil is for cooking ??


You can find the products on I just looked them up and its fairly cheap i found 4 bars for 9 bucks. Just type in the search bar on amazon what your looking for!


can you plis tell me the whole remedy and were in the U.S.A can i buy all the ingredients THANK YOU

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